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Minecraft DotA, also, known as minecraft league of legends or minecraft LOL.. Is a 5vs5 MOBA format. Destroy your opponents towers to achieve victory. Fight enemy minions and be rewarded with gold to purchase armor weapons, and items. Featuring great abilities. class selection and unique creatures spawned throughout the map. Very unique to this plugin is the custom Artificial Intelligence of the monsters that allows the minions around the map to behave just like in the original minecraft dota. This custom aritifical intelligence is not something any other plugin utilizes and is the next level of plugin developement. Great features that are coming soon to the minecraft dota server are, dragons spawning for teams to work together to defeat. Creeps spawning throughout the forest and better class system for more diverse gameplay roles. Such as tanks, healers and carry to stay true to the dota genre. Scoreboards will be coming soon to the minecraft DOTA server. Also a new lobby has been finished and will be released on may 1st.
  Creeps provide players gold when they are killed, Gold is then used towards upgrading (Weapons and Armor) or purchasing potions. You can also enchant your weapons and armor to receive bonus. When the creeps move down the lanes they can either be killed by players which provide them gold and xp, or they will start attacking your towers. When one of your lanes no longer has any towers the enemy can start attacking the inhibitors. When all 3 inhibitors are destroyed, the nexus in the base is now vulnerable to being destroyed.  
  Creeps are equipped with armor to protect them against players. Creeps will not attack players unless provoked. Creeps take about 5-10 early on in the game and only about 1-3 when the player receives a better weapon. Creeps can be used as a strategy to destroy your enemies tower. If you move with the creep to your enemies tower the tower will attack the creep and not yourself. This will give you an opportunity to take damage to the tower without being hit.




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